Who We Are

FSEAP is a leading Canadian provider of employee, family and member assistance and organizational wellness programs.

We Are Canadian.

We are Canadian owned and have never changed ownership. In 1974, we pioneered EAP in Canada and expanded to offer holistic organizational health and wellness solutions.

With over 1000 Canadian and international service locations, FSEAP supports organizations in every sector and size regardless of location.




We Are Quality Service Providers.

We are the only provider whose services have been recognized for four consecutive years by Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA) through their Corporate Award of Excellence.

FSEAP programs are accredited by recognized Canadian and American accreditation organizations.




We Are Part of the Communities We Serve.

Family Service agencies help people face a wide variety of life challenges. For over 100 years, we have been assisting families and individuals through counselling, community development, advocacy and public education programs. These programs are available to everyone who lives or works in the communities we serve.

FSEAP is a division of Family Service agencies across Canada. We are Canada's only national not-for-profit EAP provider. FSEAP is a community partner whose programs and revenue directly support community well-being and mental health.

With our wellness programs, customers are targeting two organizational goals at once - supporting the well-being of their communities and the well-being of their employees and organizations

We Are Unique ImageWe Are Unique.

FSEAP is everything an EAP should be. Personal. Real service. A real difference. These are not just words to us; they are our life and breathe—what makes us different.

Personal. Our aim is to make every interaction with the EAP, regardless at what level it takes place, a personal and meaningful experience. We favour personal service over self-service. We work with people and organizations to build trusting, impactful relationships. We do this, because we genuinely care about helping people to make positive changes in their life, work and environment.

Real service. We know that the majority of people who contact us have real concerns. We make sure that clients have a choice of options for communicating directly with a counsellor. We staff our 1-800 line 24/7 with caring, professional master's level counsellors, who are ready to help. We make sure that all clients have access to the right kind of assistance to resolve their issues. We also make sure that, wherever possible, clients get the service they ask for....that's why 96% of our personal counselling service is delivered in-person, rather than by phone or over the internet.

A real difference. Most organizations today are committed to corporate social responsibility with initiatives that support charitable causes, community participation, and environmental and social responsibility. These values contribute to a healthy workplace and community culture. FSEAP shares these values, but with a unique difference. We are the only Canadian EAP provider structured as a social enterprise. Choosing FSEAP is not only good business, it's also good for our communities.


We're seeing results from our counselling that are as much as three times as effective as those of our larger competitors, which lead to better business outcomes.
Now we're talking.


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