What We Do for Employees, Members and Families

Support for your personal or workplace concerns has never been easier. If your employer or union has an employee assistance program with FSEAP you have access to a variety of counselling, consulting and health and wellness tools. If you do not know if your employer has a contract with FSEAP, or if you would like to know more about the services that you can access, you can approach your human resources department and ask for information about your benefits package.

Confidential Counselling Services ImageConfidential Counselling Services

Face-to-face counselling, telephonic counselling, and email counselling available for flexible scheduling, convenience and comfort. We can help support you with:

  • Crisis, stress and trauma
  • Personal: anxiety, depression, anger, stress, grief and loss, financial or legal
  • Family/Relationship: marriage, divorce or separation, mediation, parenting, violence, child or eldercare
  • Addictions: drug and alcohol, sexual, Internet, gambling or shopping
  • Health Management: nutrition, wellness and meditation.

Immediate telephonic counselling is available 24/7 in most countries around the world.



Confidential Work/Life Services ImageConfidential Work/Life Services

Personalized consulting to support almost any aspect of your life
Personal consultations are the distinguishing factor for our work-life services. We use an expert consultation model for life-work services and all consultants are professionals qualified in their area of expertise. This model is more effective than a referral to self-help resources and it allows employees to stay at work and stay focused when multiple work-life demands compete for their attention.

We offer a range of work-life services including:

  • Life Coaching
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Smoking Cessation Support
  • Family Connexions (support for families, child and teen parenting, eldercare, managing life transitions, healthy child development)
  • Financial planning, budgeting, retirement and debt management
  • Legal Services
  • Career Counselling
  • Conflict Resolution


Health and Wellness ImageHealth and Wellness

Learning is key to maintaining a proactive and preventative healthy mindset.

FSEAP provides online resources, newsletters and workplace training.

Our extensive on-line wellness resources include smart device apps, libraries, articles, newsletters, e-books, learning modules and links to web resources for employees' self-study online. Each topical area includes an overview of related information, resources, and strategies for personal change and development. These resources arm employees, members and managers with tools to support their personal and professional growth.


We're seeing results from our counselling that are as much as three times as effective as those of our larger competitors, which lead to better business outcomes.
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