Critical Incident Response Services

FSEAP has been at the leading edge of incident response in Canada for decades and has developed deep resources in this field. This led to a strategic alliance with the renowned U.S. critical incident response leaders, Crisis Care Network. We offer critical incident response using the principles of psychological first-aid. Rooted in best practices we support individuals, teams and organizations during crises and traumatic events.

From first point of contact, we support the recovery of your organization, employees, union members and dependents 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

Immediate Telephonic Response ImageImmediate Telephonic Support

Managers, unions or human resources professionals often benefit from assistance managing workplace crises. When something happens that concerns you or your employees, call us. We're here to provide immediate and knowledgeable telephonic support.





Onsite Trauma Response ImageOnsite Trauma Response

Organizations of all sizes count on us to provide immediate onsite services for situations that are potentially disruptive for workplaces, large and small, including robbery, death, suicide, challenging events in the communities in which we work and layoffs.





Ongoing Consultation ImageOngoing Consultation

From first point of contact to internal resolution, we support mangers, employees, union representatives, union members and dependents 24/7 through personal or workplace crises.


We're seeing results from our counselling that are as much as three times as effective as those of our larger competitors, which lead to better business outcomes.
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