Building Mental Fitness and Resiliency in Your Workplace

FSEAP's workplace wellness division provides mental fitness and resiliency solutions and training at the organizational, manager and employee levels. Our solutions include holistic workplace assessments, strategic planning and programming for mental and emotional well-being that are proven and evidence based. We customize our workplace solutions to fit your specific organizational needs.

IWP ImageIntegrated Wellness Platform™ (IWP)

The IWP is designed for organizations seeking transformative and healthy change to enhance employee wellness. IWP services motivate team members, increase sustained team energy and action, enhance organizational productivity and service quality, and increase employee attendance and engagement.

IWP services are designed as modules that provide a high degree of flexibility and customization to allow for true customer driven wellness programs. Integrating seamlessly into all our programs. IWP services create a comprehensive health and wellness solution.


Work Assessments ImageWorkplace Assessments

We provide expert consultation and direct services to senior leadership teams in the design and implementation of comprehensive plans for embedding sound health and wellness programs into each organization we serve.





Strategies for Organizational Wellbeing ImageStrategies for Organizational Well-Being

Aligning your organizational goals and employee strategies that create well-being can be a challenging undertaking. Our experts will work with you to help you develop and deliver an organizational well-being strategy that is tied to your organizational goals and employee objectives. These strategies are backed by evidence-based research and best practices. Our expertise includes needs assessments, employee surveys, strategy development, implementation, monitoring and measurement.



Training ImageTraining

Delivered face-to-face, online or e-learning. Our management, organizational and employee training sessions improve workplace functioning. FSEAP provides holistic training as part of our Integrated Wellness Platform interventions and stand-alone training covering a broad range of issues related to personal health and wellbeing, team functioning and organizational development.

FSEAP short wellness workshops promote awareness of health issues and offer support strategies for dealing with personal and workplace challenges. Every session is an opportunity to reach out to employees and remind them of the ways in which their EAP can assist them.

Popular topics include mental health in the workplace, resiliency, positive communication strategies, stress management, and retirement lifestyle planning. We will develop custom sessions to address specific workplace concerns if desired.

Workplace Intervention ImageWorkplace Interventions

We are experts in supporting managers, individuals and teams with facilitated interventions. Our approach is to remain neutral at all times to ensure fair and equitable representation of all parties involved. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Group or team interventions
  • One-on-one interventions
  • 24/7 telephonic support for managers to diffuse any situation


Coaching for Leaders ImageCoaching for Leaders and Teams

We coach leaders and teams to help them implement the new perspectives and skills learned from our Integrated Wellness Platform. These coaching sessions are practical and focused on helping employees choose and practice new positive behaviors in everyday situations.





Mental Health in the Workplace ImageMental Health in the Workplace

FSEAP can provide mental health education, training, assessment services and policy development for managers, employees and human resources — our solutions are founded in best-practices and clinical research.






Online Health and Wellness Resources

Learning is key to promoting proactive and preventative healthy mindsets. Our extensive on-line Wellness Resources include libraries, articles, newsletters, e-books, learning modules and links to web resources for employees' self-study online. Each topical area includes an overview of related information, resources, and strategies for personal change and development. These resources arm employees, members and managers with tools to support their personal and professional growth.




We're seeing results from our counselling that are as much as three times as effective as those of our larger competitors, which lead to better business outcomes.
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